Donau Carbon US LLC - Merger of Donau Carbon Corp. and Standard Purification

VIENNA, FRANKFURT and DUNNELLON, FL – July 18, 2016 – Donau Carbon GmbH, a global producer and distributor of activated carbon products, and subsidiary of Donau Chemie AG, Vienna, has announced the merger of its US activities with Standard Purification, an independent producer of activated carbon products.

The merged companies will operate as ‘Donau Carbon US LLC’ at the Standard Purification facilities in Dunnellon, FL.

Donau Carbon, with headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, and a further carbon producing subsidiary in the Philippines, is a business unit of Donau Chemie, a 950+ employee diversified chemical producer and distributor based in Vienna, Austria.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Standard Purification produces and distributes activated carbon products for municipal water, industrial and mercury removal applications. Donau Carbon’s activated carbon portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of powdered, granular and extruded activated carbon grades manufactured from coal, lignite, coconut shell and wood raw materials. The combined entity will greatly expand the product offering and end markets it serves, with a continued focus on product quality and reliability.

Franz Geiger, Chief Executive Officer of Donau Chemie AG commented “The US activated carbon market is the largest world-wide. We combine the strengths of Standard Purification and Donau Carbon, to take full advantage of market opportunities, and to meet the customers' needs perfectly.”

Jim Sharpe, Standard Purification co-founder and current Director added, “We are very pleased to merge with an outstanding partner in Donau Carbon. Donau’s diversity of products and end markets are an outstanding complement to Standard Purification’s robust footprint in municipal water and growing presence in industrial, flue gas and agricultural applications. We’re excited to bring our teams together to create new value for our customers.”

In the new ‘Donau Carbon US LLC’, Fred Bush, President of Donau Carbon Corp., will continue in his role as President. Tony Julian and Kristine Switt of Standard Purification will continue in their roles as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively. 

About Donau Chemie / Donau Carbon
Donau Chemie is a 170-year old diversified producer and distributor of chemical products, with more than 950 employees worldwide. It supplies products across four business units including inorganic chemicals for industrial applications, chemical raw materials, activated carbon, and liquid and paste products for cosmetics and consumer applications.
The business unit Donau Carbon is one of the leading companies in Activated Carbon business, looking back on a company history of more than 100 years itself. Its Activated Carbon portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of powdered, granular and extruded activated carbon grades manufactured from raw materials like coal, lignite, coconut shell and wood by all the customary activation processes which enables it to serve the most diverse needs of its customers, using Activated Carbon for odor control, natural gas treatment, solvent recovery, potable & waste water treatment, in food & beverages industry and many other applications. Furthermore, Donau Carbon owns three reactivation plants in Germany and Austria, a carbon producing subsidiary in the Philippines and offers full-scale adsorption filter systems for industrial applications or mobile service equipment, both for lease and for sale, including replacement logistics concepts.

About Standard Purification
Standard Purification is a leading provider of activated carbon products for municipal water, industrial, flue gas and agricultural applications in the US. It offers a diverse catalog of products that are produced at its Florida manufacturing headquarters or distributed through its network of industry partnerships. The Standard Purification manufacturing facility features activation, milling, packaging, storage and a variety of finished product transportation options, including rail.
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