Activated Carbon for a clean future!

Activated Carbon is in the focus of attention, as a lot of processes in industry and municipalities require it for cleaning purposes - within a great variety of applications ranging from exhaust air and (waste) gas cleanup via water and liquid treatment through to solvent recovery and many more, Activated Carbon is applied to save the environment.

We are one of the leading companies in Activated Carbon business, looking back on a company history of more than 100 years. We use our experience gained throughout this time to meet our customers' needs and to fulfil their requirements.

Our Activated Carbon portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of powdered, granular and extruded activated carbon grades manufactured from raw materials like coal, lignite, coconut shell and wood by all the customary activation processes. This enables us to serve the most diverse needs of our customers, using Activated Carbon for odor control, natural gas treatment, solvent recovery, waste water treatment, in food & beverages industry and many other applications.

In connection with environmental protection, reactivation of spent Activated Carbon and its further re-use is an interesting option. Activated Carbon is an environmental-friendly and recyclable product, which we reactivate at our two thermal reactivation sites in Germany and Austria whenever possible, offering our customers an attractive reuse option and hence, an environment-friendly and cost-saving alternative to disposal and/or fresh carbon.

Drawing on decades of experience in application technology, we have the know-how and expertise to deliver solutions for your gas and liquid streams.
We are your competent partner throughout your project from the design via construction through to the commissioning of your activated carbon adsorption system. All adsorber types offered by us are available either for sale or for
rental. Our standard adsorber vessels can normally be delivered within a few days. Upon request, we also supply custom-designed vessels to your specification. 
Whether full-scale adsorption systems for industrial applications or mobile service equipment for temporary projects, we offer you logistics and replacement concepts tailored to your specific needs to help you save labour and operating cost.

We operate on a world-wide scale. Global sourcing taking into account our customers requirements is quite natural to us.

A long experience in business and our know-how help us - and thus also our customers!

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