Activated Carbon for the Treatment of organic & inorganic Acid

For food grade acids, phosphoric or hydrochloric acid, produced in chemical processes have to be treated with activated carbon to remove organic impurities (DOC).

Granular activated carbon in series of fixed bed filter can be used to achieve high contact time and efficient use of the activated carbon.

The use of granular activated carbon offers a continously process and enviromental protected reactivation of the spend activated carbon.

Donau Carbon offers suitable, low ash activated carbon types, which meet the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC).

Recommended AC Qualities:
Epibon Y 12 x 40 spezial (granular)
Epibon X 12 x 40 spezial (granular)
Hydraffin CC 12 x 40 (granular)

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