Boiler Feed Water, Condensate & Contact Water Treatment

Boiler Feed Water used to fill high-pressure boilers must be free of oxygen, as a precaution against corrosion. Oxygen in feed water is converted into nitrogen and water through the addition of hydrazine hydrate (N2H4 - H2O). This reaction is accelerated in cold water by filtration through granular activated carbon.

Hot condensate is sometimes contaminated with lubricants. These oils must be eliminated as thoroughly as possible prior to reuse of the condensate, particularly in high-pressure boilers.

For high oil concentrations is it advisable to de-oil the condensate using a mechanical oil separator prior to treatment with activated carbon.
Fine cleaning can then be accomplished through granular activated carbon.

The treatment of contact water is closely related to that of condensate water. In solvent recovery systems, the steam regeneration process produces a highly solvent-laden condensate which normally consists of organic and aqueous components. The aqueous phase (contact water) is saturated by solvents and is frequently cleaned by routing it through layers of granular activated carbon.

Donau Carbon offers acid washed, low ash activated carbon types with minor silicate release and low iron content.

Recommended AC Qualities:
Epibon Y 12x40 special
Hydraffin CC 8x30 special

Further technical documents and samples available on request.

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