Odor Control

For the removal of odorous components from gas, activated carbon is a suitable solution. Beside of volatile organic compounds hydrogen sulphide (H2S), mercaptanes and ammonia are present in these gases. Due to the high moisture content of these gases it is difficult to select a suitable activated carbon for the removal of the odorous components.

For volatile organic compounds a non impregnated activated carbon is the most economical solution. If H2S, mercaptanes and ammonia are to be removed too, a special type has to be chosen. For most of these gas treatments Desorex PI 50 K is a good solution. Desorex PI 50 K is a special treated activated carbon type which is able to oxidize hydrogen sulphide to sulphuric acid which easily can be stored in the pores of the activated carbon.

Recommended AC Qualities:
Desorex PI 50 K