Flue Gas Cleaning

Depending on the waste incineration plant for the removal of dioxins and heavy metals from the flue gas, powdered activated carbon is used in direct dosing systems or granular carbon in fixed bed filters.

Activated carbon for flue gas cleaning has a high outer surface and depending on the product type high fineness grade and is suitable for the adsorption of substances like mercury, dioxins and organic impurities.

Recommended AC Qualities:
Hydraffin PR (powdered)
Carbopal CCP 40 (powdered)
Kombisorb-BA / BAS-grades (granular)

Kombisorb products have all the advantages of activated carbon while at the same time minimizing its known drawbacks like fire risk by using at higher temperatures.

The Kombisorb products involve a granular mixture of virgin or impregnated activated carbon and inert material, to achieve the mentioned effects and are suitable for the removal of
  • heavy metals, in particular mercury
  • dioxins and furans
  • other eco toxic organic components such as PCB’s
from waste gases.