Impregnation of Activated Carbon

We have the facilities to impregnate specialty activated carbon products and other adsorbents for gas cleaning applications.

The impregnation process employed in conjunction with optimum process control ensure a uniform and homogeneous impregnation which is subjected to rigorous quality testing.

Activated Carbon Quality Application Impregnation with
Desorex K43 a

Removal of acid substances:
hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides
Potassium Carbonate

Desorex K 47 P 10
Desorex K 43 s

Removal of alkaline substances:
ammonia, amines
Phosphoric Acid
Sulphuric Acid

Desorex K 43 J
Oxorbon K 20 J

Removal of hydrogen sulphide Potassium Iodine
Desorex K 43 Na
Removal of acid substances:
hydrogen sulphide
Caustic Soda 
Desorex HGD 4 S
Hg-Removal Sulphur
Alcarbon PI 18x40 AG 005 antibacterial Silver
Kombisorb BAS/BAT Flue Gas Cleaning Sulphur compounds
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