"Once-through" Activated Carbons for exhaust air and gas cleanup

In air and gas cleaning applications, the substances to be removed are frequently present in very low concentrations or they tend to polymerise so that their recovery is either not possible or not economically warranted. Common equipment and technologies employed for treating such gas streams are fixed-bed adsorbers and moving-bed adsorber systems, or combinations thereof, consisting of several adsorber units. While these processes predominantly use "once-trough" carbons, thermal reactivation of the spent carbon may be economically attractive for larger adsorber systems.

Typical contact times required for the adsorption of organic vapours and odorants in fixed-bed adsorbers range between 0.1 and 0.2 seconds. Longer contact times may be selected when the gas stream to be treated has a high relative humidity or stringent emission standards have to be met. Normally, fine-pore activated carbons with a high adsorptive capacity are used for this task and discharged once they are exhausted
DC supplies abrasion resitant and dust-free activated carbon types for the mentioned applications.

Recommended AC Qualities:
Desorex K47
Desorex K43

Other qualities on request.

Further technical documents and samples available on request as well.


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