Activated Carbon for the Treatment of Sugar Solutions

For the treatment of sugar solutions chemical activated carbon with good adsorption capacity or high efficient steam activated carbon with optimal price/performance relation are used for decolorization. Suitable activated carbon types have a neutral ph value to assure that the undesirable inverse sugar is formed.

Granular activated carbon can be used in a fixed bed filter, which offers a continously process and enviromental protected reactivation of the spend activated carbon.

DC offers suitable activated carbon types, which meet the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC).

Recommended AC Qualities:
Epibon Y 12 x 40 special (granular)
Hydraffin CC 12 x 40 (granular)

Carbopal MB 4 N (powdered)
Carbopal Gn-AZ (powdered)

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