Activated Carbon for (Cabin) Air Filters / Air Condition

Cabin air filters in a passenger vehicles use impregnated and unimpregnated activated carbon to adsorb pollutants from the ambient air.

Activated carbon for cabon air filters must meet defined quality and performance criteria. The test methods and assessment criteria for the adsorption and particle retention efficiency of filters and filter elements are laid down in DIN 71460. In these tests, the adsorption capacity of different activated carbon grades is tested under defined conditions on various test gases such as n-butane, toluene, sulphur dioxide and ammonia.

Recommended AC Qualities:
Alcarbon PH 50/30 x 60
Desorex KF 30 x 60
Alcarbon K 60/ 5% KJ 30x70

Other impregnated qualities available on request.

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