Activated Carbon for Treatment of Glucose, Lactose & Gelatines

Activated carbon is used for the purification of glucose, lactose and gelatines for decolourization as well as to remove higher molecular substances which occurs from the production process. Substances like Hydroxymethylfurane (HMF) form undesirable colour and have to be removed.

Depending upon the specific application and process, granular activated carbon types in fixed bed filters or powdered activated carbon in stirring or suspension technique can be used.
The advantage of the fixed bed filters is that the spent activated carbon can be reactivated, which is an economical and environmentally alternative to disposal.

Recommended AC Qualities:
Carbopal Gn-A II (powdered)
Carbopal Gn-P (powdered)
Carbopal MB 4 S (powdered)

Epibon Y 12 x 40 special (granular)
Epibon X 12 x 40 special (granular)
Hydraffin CC 12 x 40 (granular)

All mentioned carbon types meet the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC).
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