Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Swimming pool water is cleaned mechanically and chemically in recirculation systems. Several different combinations of processes (described in DIN 19643-1 to 5) are available for swimming and bathing pool water treatment.

Filtration through activated carbon removes chlorine-nitrogen compounds, halogenated organic compounds /THM, AOX) and organic compounds with a high degree of efficiency. Residual traces of ozone and chlorine are also eliminated.

Donau Carbon supplies granular and powdered activated carbon with high efficiency and cost saving dosing.

Recommended AC Qualities:
Hydraffin 30N (granular)
Hydraffin CC8x30 (granular)
Hydraffin MB4 (powdered)
Hydraffin P800 (powdered)
Hydraffin PI-C (powdered)

Further technical documents and samples available on request. 

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