Activated Carbon for Treatment of Fruit Juices, Wine & Beer

Activated carbon is used for the production of beverages in water treatment as well as for the removal of undesirable impurities from the product.

Depending on the requirements chemical activated carbons (decolourization) or steam activated types (Deodorization and removal of taste) are used.

Treatment of Water in the Beverages Industry /
recommended AC Qualities:
Hydraffin CC 8x30

Treatment of products in the Beverages Industry /

recommended AC Qualities:
Carbopal Gn-P (powdered, chemically activated)
Carbopal Gn-A II (powdered, chemically activated)
Carbopal MBE 4 S (powdered, steam activated)

In the production of fruit juice, depending on the quality of the raw material high content of patuline has to be reduced by activated carbon.
DC offers special activated carbon type  with high adsorption capacity for this application.
Carbopal CCP 40

All mentioned carbon types meet the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC).


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